App Price :
$8 (each bundle)
$98 (mega bundle)

This is a Bible app which includes 100 bible stories in 18 bundles.
The stories have been selected to bring the Bible
to life for children ages 3 and above.
Through the beautiful illustrations and music themes,
children will enjoy a special dedicated listening and reading experience.

  • Totally 100 bible stories.
  • Trilingual narration: Cantonese, Putonghua, English
  • Text: traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English
  • Can choose displaying the text or not, listening to the narration or read myself, auto play or read page by page by pressing the forward button, play the theme music or not.
  • The first bundle is free. If you like it, you can purchase the other 17 bundles individually or purchase the full complete version with a special price and save 35% compared to purchasing the bundles individually.
The Creation & Fall
1. The Story of Creation
2. Adam
3. Eve
4. The Fall
Daniel & Friends in Babylon
43. Slavery in Babylon
44. Daniel’s Friends in the Burning Fire
45. Daniel Did Not Stop Praying
46. Daniel and the Lions
Noah’s Ark & The Tower of Babel
5. Noah’s Big Boat
6. The Flood
7. The Rainbow
8. The Big Tower
Book of Esther & Book of Jonah
47. Esther Made Queen
48. Haman and Mordecai
49. Jonah’s Job
50. The Storm
51. The Big Fish
52. Nineveh is Saved
The Time of the Patriarchs
9. God Chooses Abraham
10. “Laughter”
11. A Wife for Isaac
12. Jacob and Esau
13. Jacob’s Dream
14. Jacob Meets Esau
The Story of Christmas
53. Mary & Gabriel
54. Jesus is Born in Bethlehem
55. The Shepherds
56. The Wise Men
Joseph: The Dreamer
15. Joseph the Dreamer
16. Joseph in Prison
17. From Prisoner to Leader
18. Joseph's Brothers in Egypt
Jesus Begins His Ministry
57. Jesus in the Temple
58. John the Baptist
59. Jesus’ Baptism
60. “Come and Follow Me”
61. The Wedding at Cana
Moses: Out of Egypt
19. Moses in the Basket
20. Moses and the Burning Bush
21. The Ten Plagues
22. The First Passover
Miracles of Jesus
62. Through the Roof to Jesus
63. Two Fish and Five Loaves of Bread
64. Jesus Walks On Water
65. Peter and Jesus
66. Jairus’ Little Daugther
67. Lazarus, Wake Up!
Moses: Into the Promised Land
23. Crosssing the Big Sea
24. God’s Care for the People
25. The Ten Commandments
26. Twelve Spies
27. The Walls of Jericho
Jesus’ Stories & Parables
68. “Don’t Worry About Tomorrow”
69. The Good Shepherd
70. The Sheep That Was Lost
71. The Lost Son Comes Home
72. The Good Samaritan Neighbour
73. The Farmer and the Seed
74. The Good Soil
75. The Treasure
76. The Beautiful Pearl, The Lord's Prayer
Judges in Israel
28. Gideon and the Wet Wool
29. Gideon’s 300 Men
30. Samson the Super Strong
31. Samson and Delilah
32. Samson in Dagon’s Temple
33. Hannah Wanted to Have a Child
34. Samuel, the Boy Who Listened to God!
Jesus in Jerusalem
77. Jesus and Children
78. Zacchaeus Was a Little Man
79. A Colt for the Lord!
80. Entering Jerusalem
81. A Very Special Meal
82. In the Garden of Gethsemane
83. Jesus before the High Priest and Pilate
84. The Cross
David, Goliath & Saul
35. King Saul
36. David and Goliath
37. Saul and David
Jesus is Alive & Returns to Heaven
85. Jesus is Alive!
86. The Angel’s Message
87. The Big Catch of Fish
88. Jesus Leaves Earth
Solomon, Elijah – the prophet of fire
38. Solomon – The Wise King
39. Elijah – Fed By Birds
40. The Big Test
41. Fire from Heaven
42. The Chariot of Fire
The Time of the Church
89. Flames of Fire
90. Peter and John in the Temple
91. Saul arrested Christians
92. On the Road to Damascus
93. Paul in Prison
94. Paul’s Sea Travel
95. Shipwrecked!
96. Paul in Rome
97. Letters to the Churches
98. John on Patmos
99. Heaven
100. God’s Wonderful City
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