This is an interactive Bible app with touch activated elements and
sounds on every page. There are 23 stories and
they are retold in short simple words focusing on the illustrative and
interactive modes toddlers love.

This is a fun and interactive look & find game
based on 10 favourite Bible stories.
The app gives you 16 things to find on the big illustration
being shown in the menu bar.
When each of the shown items is found you see an animation and
hear its sound. But you must be quick at it
because the faster you find each item the better the score is.
Totally there are more than 160 animations and
this app will give you many hours of fun look & find activities.
The first and second stories are free and
if you like them you can purchase the other eight stories.

This is a Bible app which includes 100 bible stories in 18 bundles.
They stories have been selected to bring the Bible
to life for children ages 3 and above.
Through the beautiful illustrations and music themes,
children will enjoy a special dedicated listening and reading experience.

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