App Price : $68

This is an interactive Bible app with touch activated elements and
sounds on every page. There are 23 stories and
they are retold in short simple words focusing on the illustrative and
interactive modes toddlers love.

  • Based on the printed bestseller The Carry Along Bible which is sold in more than 350,000 copies worldwide.
  • Over 140 touch activated animations with captivating sound effects and music.
  • Trilingual narration: Cantonese, Putonghua, English
  • Text: traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English
  • Can choose “Read myself” or “Read to me”
  • Three self-recording options so children and their parents can record their own voice version of the stories.
  • The first to fifth stories are free and if you like them you can purchase the other nineteen stories.
In the Beginning
Noah’s Big Boat
Abraham – A Special Journey
Jacob’s Dream
Moses in the Basket
The Exodus – Through the Red Sea
The Ten Commandments
The Fall of Jericho
Samson the Super Strong David and Goliath
Queen Esther
Jonah and the Big Fish
Daniel’s Friends in the Burning Oven
Daniel in the Lions Den
Jesus is Born in Bethlehem
Jesus is Teaching
Jesus is Healing
Jesus Feeds the People
Jesus Calms the Storm
The Last Supper
Jesus is Crucified
Jesus is Alive
The Ascension
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