We provide a variety of services to churches, schools and general public, include: organizing training courses, seminars and workshops, and publishing textbooks, picture books, storybooks and Christian literature.
Spiritual Nurturing
Strengthen the church as a whole and individual parishes on mission, discipleship training and spiritual development. We organize seminars and training courses on a regular basis.
1. Spiritual and Evangelical Events, and Training Courses
Host spiritual and evangelical events, and training courses to enhance Christians’ spiritual growth. Include: Seminar of Anselm Grün, Ping Pong Evangelical Events of Rainer Schmidt, etc.
2. Anglican Vitality‧Anglican Reading Campaign
Since 2011, RERC has organized the 'Anglican Reading Campaign' every year and invited ten Anglicans to share their lists of must-reads. The aim is to encourage Anglican clergy and laity to be closer to God and to understand oneself through reading.
3. Campaign for Anglican Vitality
To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Province of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, RERC organized a campaign of nurturing the laity named ‘Campaign for Anglican Vitality: Be a “ ” Anglican’ which started in March 2009. The scheme required each believer to meet the standard in 9 categories which include Scripture reading, prayer, worship, study, caring, evangelism, offerings, ministry and fellowship.
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