We provide a variety of services to churches, schools and general public, includes: organizing training courses, seminars and workshops, and publishing textbooks, picture books, storybooks and Christian literature.
Organizing training courses, seminars and workshops for religious educators and parents, supporting their continuous growth and renewal.
1. Certificate Course for Sunday School Teachers
Affirmation of the mission of Sunday school teachers, strengthening of Sunday school teachers’ knowledge and understanding of children, and providing of effective and solid teaching skills.
2. Journey to Intimacy
Helping couples and individuals to understand the influence of families of origin on building up intimate relationships. Students will learn how to communicate and resolve conflicts using the 'language of love', and improve oneself and develop a holistic personality through training in the course.
3. No Apologies: The Truth about Life, Love and Sex
This course is used by RERC under the authorization of Focus on the Family of America. To train teachers of the course ‘No Apologies’ to jointly promote sex education that is based on life education and guide children and teenagers in learning to love oneself, building up decent values in sex and rejecting pre-marital sex.
4. Others (on an irregular basis)
• Preschool Religious Education Seminar
• Primary School Religious and Civic Education Seminar
• Secondary School Religious and Moral Education Seminar
• Sunday School Teacher Seminar
• Parenting Education Seminar
• Discipleship Training Course
• Believers Nurturing Course
• Believers Serving and Evangelism Course
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