A Short Biography of Charles Ridley Dupp

作者/編者: Tim Yung
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出版社: 宗教教育中心
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ISBN: 9789624888997
系列名稱: The Bishop of HK Series 2
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出版日期: 01/11/2021
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Bishop Charles Ridley Duppuy (1881-1944) came from a long line of doctors. His family moved to Australia when he was young. He was ordained priest in England during 1904 and started his forty-year career as a clergyman. Duppuy acted as a chaplain during World War I. He was dispatched to Hong Kong as the Bishop of Victoria / South China after the War. He came back to Britain in 1932 and became the Canon of Worcester Cathedral till his death. This short biography is organised chronologically along Duppuy's colourful and varied life journey. Facing economic depression in the Western world and political upheaval in China after the War, Bishop Duppuy overcame the difficulties, explored and expanded church ministry as a strong foundation for his successor, Bishop R.O. Hall.