Our mission is to provide opportunities for people to grow intellectually and spiritually. We offer a comprehensive range of programmes for spiritual nurturing, make accessible the latest developments in research and theory, supply a collection of excellent educational resources for schools and churches, and support the continuous growth and renewal of religious educators and parents.


From the 1960s, Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui (the Hong Kong Anglican Church) has been involved in the development of religious education. The Religious Education Resource Centre (RERC) was established on January 29, 1978 to serve the goal of Christian nurturing by providing training courses, publishing educational material and supplying audio-visual resources.

During the 90s, RERC expanded gradually, training and publishing services became more diversified. At the same time, a retail bookstore, the Book and Resource Service, was set up to offer religious education resources. In the 21st century, RERC prepares life education courses, produces multi-media teaching material and provides training resources for the believers. RERC is fully committed to promoting life and parenting education, helping parents teach children to love and to enjoy a full and fruitful life.

The former Bishop John Robinson (right) and the Rev. Joyce Bennett, presided at the RERC opening ribbon-cutting ceremony on January 29, 1978.